Schedule & Program

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Attendees will NOT receive a printed program at check in this year. Please use the link above to print yourself a copy if you'd like to have it for use during the conference.

Keynote Speakers

Open for all?  Technology serving the higher education mission


This presentation will review current trends in ICTs in higher education, considering research as well as teaching and learning and bearing in mind how these trends are playing out in different contexts and serving different interests.

Academic Collaboration Spaces, Libraries and Repositories: What kind of integration?


A panel conversation around the connection of libraries, repositories and academic collaboration spaces - what they are, and what they should be.

Sensemaking with Learning Analytics: The need for openness


It's a data-centric world.  Analytics are increasingly used to make sense of large (and growing) quantities of data. For educators and researchers, openness and transparency of both data and analytics methods is important. The need for openness is challenged by numerous vendors who make claims about the insight into learning that their platform can provide, but do not make the data used or the process explicit. This presentation will introduce the Open Learning Analytics initiative and detail opportunities for colleges and universities to take control of their own data and begin partnering with advocates for open data, technology, and analytics.

Flipped Sessions - New this year!  Flipped Sessions allow you to start learning and using exciting new technology before you attend the Apereo Conference in June.  After completing the preparatory work, you will be ready to engage with the presenter(s) and others at the conference session with questions and ideas to advance the new technology.  Click on the Session Title below to access Pre Session Materials.