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We have “Flipped” presentations to participate in!

posted May 13, 2014, 6:24 AM by Laura McCord   [ updated May 13, 2014, 7:59 AM by Jennifer Cummings ]

Now Available! You have the opportunity to try the conference’s new flipped sessions. Flipped Sessions allow you to start learning and using exciting new technology before you attend the Apereo Conference in June. After completing the preparatory work, you will be ready to engage with the presenter(s) and others (who have done their homework) at the conference session with questions and ideas to advance the new technology.

We are introducing two more “flipped” presentations! If you are interested in participating in any of these presentations, the session materials are available at the following locations:

Don’t forget we also have these presentations available for participation:


Ian Dolphin, Executive Director, Apereo Foundation

Laura McCord, Open Apereo 2014 Planning Committee Chair

Reba-Anna Lee, Open Apereo 2014 Program Committee Co-chair

Alan Regan, Open Apereo 2014 Program Committee Co-chair

Jennifer Cummings, conference at apereo dot org

Open Apereo 2014, Conference Coordinator

Networking Café is Back!

posted May 6, 2014, 10:05 AM by Jenn Cummings

Networking Café is back again at Open Apereo. Networking Café is a fun way to discuss issues of importance to the Apereo community and make new friends.

How does it work?

We are going to leverage the “Wisdom of the Crowd”. Using Google Moderator, we will crowdsource the generation of ideas. The Apereo Program committee will vet the ideas to meet certain criteria, as an initial filter, and the ultimate outcome will be decided by voting of Open Apereo attendees. The top ideas will have a place at the table. Literally. The top dozen or so ideas will each have their own table for interested attendees to gather, meet and discuss.

What if I want to just network, but don’t want to discuss a specific idea?

We are reserving several tables for attendees who would like a less formal and more open approach to hang out and meet others at the conference.

What if I don’t want to attend the event?

Well, it is during a break time, and there will be snacks and drinks and plenty of space in the middle of the room to hang out by yourself or with colleagues. So you may want to come in and just check out what is happening and decide at the time, you know, after grabbing a brownie and a diet soda (disclaimer, I don’t know if there will be brownies and personally don’t care for diet soda, but whatever).

Inspired by Open Space Technology, we encourage the Law of the Two Feet. If at any point during the event you are not contributing, and you are not learning, feel free to get up and go somewhere else. You are responsible for the type of experience you have. And we trust it will be a good one that best meets your needs in the moment.

What is this vetting you are talking about, and if this is truly crowdsource, why are you censoring?

From last year’s event, some of the feedback we heard was that subject matter experts of the various tools felt obligated to stay at the tables representing their respective projects. Since there are many opportunities to learn about the many Apereo open source projects during the conference, let’s use this opportunity as a way to address broader questions that may be of interest to the community, and to encourage everyone to utilize more freedom of choice and creativity. It’s not censoring, it’s… uhmmm.. funneling, yeah, that’s the ticket! 

What are the criteria for questions that pass the vetting process?

* Questions that address issues that cross project boundaries or are common to all projects

* Questions or topics that might initiate new projects or new collaborations within existing projects

* Different ways of using existing projects. For example,  exploring innovative applications with Teaching and Learning using one or more Apereo projects

* Identifying a need that is not currently being addressed by existing Apereo projects

* Topics that relate to Apereo and how it can do a better job of supporting established and emerging projects

* Other topics that may be of interest to the community, are not already covered by presentations, birds of a feather or other existing options at the conference, as long as they are not just a project name. For example, talking about Sakai or what’s new in Sakai or about a tool in Sakai, will likely not be accepted as a topic.

How do we start?

Go to Google Moderator right now! Look at existing topics and vote. Make suggestions for new topics. Voting will take place right up until the day of the Networking Cafe. The results will be posted shortly before the event so you know what the options are.

What else?

That’s it. Food, drink, spaces to gather, and suggestions on how to self organize around a topic will be provided. It is not competing with any other sessions, so come on and give it a try!

Open Apereo 2014 Conference Sponsored by Asahi Net International

posted Apr 3, 2014, 11:36 AM by Laura McCord   [ updated Apr 3, 2014, 11:57 AM ]

We are very pleased to announce that this year’s Open Apereo Conference is sponsored by Asahi Net International.

An Arizona-based subsidiary of ASAHI Net, Inc., a public Japanese Internet service provider with 23 years of history, Asahi Net International ("ANI") is a technology company that delivers teaching and learning systems that empower students and educators to extend and reinvent education.

ANI gives you the benefits of open source software without the risk. We provide key capabilities, cloud delivery, consulting services, and support to deliver enterprise-ready solutions. Because we focus solely on open-source technology solutions for higher education like Sakai, you can trust that your organization will deploy the most manageable, reliable, flexible, and secure IT systems available − with the ease and simplicity that comes from working with passionate, results-oriented experts. We bring the expertise of over a decade of education-specific technology experience, all in a solution that is cost effective and efficient.

Learn more about ASAHI Net International:

NOW OPEN! Call for Proposals for Open Apereo 2014 (Sakai/Jasig)

posted Dec 18, 2013, 11:40 AM by Laura McCord   [ updated Dec 19, 2013, 8:51 AM ]


"Innovate. Incubate. Implement."

Community Blossoms at Open Apereo 2014

Hilton Downtown - Miami, FL

June 1-4, 2014

#apereo 14

Get ready to share your success stories at our Open Apereo 2014 conference in Miami, Florida! This year's conference will be held in one of the world's most popular vacation spots. It offers multiple enticements for everyone, the trendy nightlife, the Art Deco district, the rich culture, and its renowned food. Mark your calendars (June 1-4, 2014) and join us this year at the Open Apereo 2014 Conference. We invite you to submit a proposal now!

Come learn about - and share your experience with - the many projects and activities within the Apereo community which support the academic mission:

  • Sakai 10 with tools to encourage teaching, learning, research, and collaboration
  • uPortal to present a unified view of campus services
  • CAS to offer single sign-on to multiple online resources
  • Bedework to deliver a robust calendaring solution
  • uMobile, a framework for innovative mobile solutions
  • Apereo OAE, a next-generation platform to promote effective collaboration, communication, and knowledge building online
  • and more!
We welcome your proposals. Share your great work with the community, explore effective teaching practices, and spark new developments and innovation through a presentation session, lightning talks, showcase night demo, or a birds of a feather discussion session. We are also offering a new format: "flipped" presentation. In addition to traditional presentations, interested presenters can apply the flipped teaching method to a presentation session by offering the presentation for attendees "online" before the conference and use the face-to-face session in Miami for deeper discussion, collaboration, and learning.

The deadline for submissions is February 7, 2014. Proposals entered by January 21 will be eligible for early review decisions by February 1.

The Apereo conference in Miami is a global networking point for practitioners. There will be opportunities during and around the conference for meeting, sharing, and learning from others in our global community. A special preconference gathering will feature presentations in Spanish from Latin America and Spain. 

We look forward to your proposal!

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